Saturday, December 14, 2013

So I do the pray.
Hallowed name, kingdom of love.
Then like a rude and untaught child
An interrupting voice in me:
"Why why why, God?"
Too loud. I try to shush.
But the child has noticed the presence
And will not be made to whisper.
My worship disturbed,
I apologetically turn my mind to
Give, forgive, lead us not,
But the child is right here disrupting,
"But why why why?"
I can only cling to
Thine is the kingdom and power
As I try to console
The restless child I hold in my breast.


  1. Thank you, Serena, you are kind to say so.

  2. Our thoughts and feelings can't always be suppressed and I don't see God not understanding that.

  3. Thank you, Perpetua. I agree; God's love and compassion must be beyond our imagining. It seems to me we honour God more with our honesty.