Friday, March 27, 2015

Igneous woman
Lava in my gut
Flames fill my veins
Steam on my breath
Vitriol when I vomit
I boil when I weep
Gentle puffs of smoke
When I'm asleep

Monday, March 9, 2015

Don't leave me, winter!
With your long cool nights of ease,
With your so efficient cooling me
In mere seconds when I need relief.
All your lovely melting snow
Trickling away between the fingers of this land.
I would hold on but I destroy you with the warmth of my grasping hand.
And chasing you: that hateful woman, busybody spring,
With her self important 'get things going', her little birds that sing
Of motivation, illusions of goals, a point to anything. 
Don't leave me, winter, let me turn and rest a little longer
Underneath your soggy blanket of white, before the searching sun gets stronger.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The soft falling snow is a thrill,
A feathery godsend of peace and goodwill.
And yet at its worst snow can kill.
Can cover until life is taken away in an ache and a dream and a chill.
But snow revelations are wondrous, serene
In their declaration of what stands between
our beginning and end in the things we have seen
And have looked at for longer than
Thinking about it would take the brain machine.
And spirit awakes, takes what the days show
And transports me to where no one can go
But we do with our minds that can overcome slow.
My last regrets may be I never could capture the sparkle of snow.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Long have I waited for sleep to come to me
Bringing gifts of escape and forget.
But she will arrive when she wills, if at all,
Not concerned by my impatient wait.
Perhaps she has lingered to torment the night watch,
Or lower the head of some late working scholar,
While I lie surrounded by clamouring memories,
And bribe her, with wine as my dollar.