Saturday, October 30, 2010

The finger-pointing accuser stands
jeers "You are" (through gritted teeth) "spirit, holy, just, eternal, and so much more of that," with an ever-ready sly grin.
"You have by your very nature been One-Cut-Off from your creatures
who are weak, blind, self-seeking and oh-so-easy to sway.
You cannot be bound by flesh, vulnerability, lenient forgiveness, time and such,
to intervene in your system as it stands."
A smokey cackle, a too-soon-claimed victory.

Spirit/Holy/Just/Eternal/so much more of that
"I who created reason cannot be out-reasoned.
The laws I have set will stand forever.
And the Supreme Law of Love, which is my Pure Nature, can and does surpass
what you call binding
and thereby accomplish.
The weakness of flesh, the impurity of sin, the lenience of forgiveness, the temporality of death are all canceled/redeemed/paid/changed by the Mystery Love, when taken on for Love, endured for Mercy, redeemed by Compassion."

Rule-Bender-For-Love takes on otherness, satisfies law, and remains,
Worthy Forever

-HJ Oct 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Coming
Old are the oak trees and green their velvet skirting
as grouped around the clearing they stand stoic awaiting winter.
The grasses long have laid them down and pulled up leafy covers.
Here, long ago, we laughed and ran between wind and sun and forest.
Now I trace tracks on the very narrow path between hazelnut bushes,
where slim deer and lithe rabbits have paved a twisting way,
and I take note of messages left for my dimming eyes.
The oaks are solid and will remain as long as woods are wanted.
But take the leaf, now brown and crisp, and read between the lines.
-HJ Oct 17, 2010