Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Heaven is awayness from pain and death and sorrow.
Heaven is all withness the One who holds tomorrow.
Emmanuel, God with us, the loving father who knows us,
who comes to us to heal us, to dry our many tears,
will lift us up in joy and remove all fears.
Hope is tasting heaven, even in this world of sadness,
fleeting moments of assurance, brief tastes of measured gladness.
I have known drops of blessings to still my tearing moans,
and some I keep for comfort, some I pour out on dry bones.
-HJ Dec 2009

Am I the only one to think the world is worse?
Or why does no one speak of this great sadness?
I know the sun is shining and the traffic heavy,
But is it only I who questions the distinction?
I ponder as I pull onto the highway
With crazy corners, hills, and sudden descents.
I wonder as I grip the wheel in the wilderness:
Will we ever travel on the smooth and straight road?
-HJ Dec 2009
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dragon Slayer Fragment

I strapped the leather on him.
Fastened buckles at the shoulder.
Tightened buckles at the waist.

For decades have I worn it,
but the decades have made haste.
A stripling I was, only,
when I first took sword in hand.
Head thrown back. Muscles sure.
I have served my people bravely,
with willing heart I took command:
I fought the dragons of the land.

I was chosen by the people.
All my ancestors were warriors
(but for one who was a poet).
So, my son, you have the power.
You will feel it, you will know it,
when in dragon-fight you stand.

"In readiness to hold my sword-
in faithfulness to keep my word-
in service true to give my life."
Thus the oath of dragon-strife.

Only yesterday a baby
I held close against my breast.
Now he stands so tall before me
strong enough to stand the test.
Let the mother heart within me
wish him courage, wish him well,
as he faces, as he trained to,
Fang and claw and breath of hell.

-HJ Sept 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I believe one day all will be well
Tears have blinded our eyes; all day they fell
Pain has sliced much deeper than we can tell
But I believe one day all will be well

I believe one day we will see light
We have walked in darkness cold as the night
We have sorrows so vast, we cannot fight
But I believe one day we will see light

I believe one day we shall know peace
Fear and suffering, hunger and hatred will cease
We have seen injustice, troubles and grief
But I believe one day we shall know peace
HJ Dec. 2009