Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Matthew 27:46

If the very Son of God cried out in anguish and in pain
a heaving sob of "Why?!" sent flying out to heaven's domain,
how much more is it acceptable to be creatures so in need
of a rescue or a saving as we weep, we faint, we bleed.
Maybe not a sign of weakness, but an accepting recognition
by the One who came from better, of our sad human condition.
But think to Whom He wept it!, as He lived the tortured cross,
sent homage tears to the One who vows to fully redeem each loss.
Faith is knowing there's an answer for every heartfelt 'why',
we'll be more than compensated for each hope that we've watched die,
and knowing that we have a God who truly understands,
and that living without questions is not one of His demands.
-HJ Aug 23, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I believe in the perfection of heaven,
and that our joy shall be complete,
and that someday when we look back on life
all will be revealed.
We'll know why we needed suffering,
how pain is justified or explained,
and the reason for all the sadness on earth,
what our losses eventually gained.
But meanwhile, back here in this life,
in this world where I presently stand,
I must ask for wisdom or forgiveness:
there's so much I do not understand.
We have seen how the innocent suffer,
and how some live whole lifetimes in pain.
We have wept as a loved one lies dying,
knowing we'll never see them again.
So forgive me my sorry confusion,
and forgive please my anger and doubt.
If I cannot yet have understanding
lend forgiveness until all is found out.
-HJ Aug 19, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm weary from weeping, but the king awaits.
Unworthy but called, I enter his gates
to offer my service, poor as it may be,
for I love the king deeply, though much more he loves me.
This king needs no counsel; his own word is wise
and willingly given as the need will arise.
And I do not serve him to gain a reward
(although it is promised). There is no other lord
so worthy of allegiance, so true to his word.
At sight of my suffering his compassion is stirred
and his sword lifted up, evil brought to its knees,
for all who would harm me are the king's enemies.
He has fought the same battle that I must face,
a good king who knows all the struggles of this race.
The throng of his followers, faithful, loyal and bold,
is mighty in number, wondrous to behold.
And all have faced hardship and harsh lonely fates;
though weary, they come, for the king awaits.
-HJ Aug.12, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Doubting Sonnet

How much of you is my imagination;
how much of you is what you have revealed
in mercy to a lost and wandering nation
with lying tongues, with hearts against you steeled?
I worship you as God of all the ages,
almighty, and all-knowing, and always.
I know, in fairness, my wrongs have earned wages,
a deathly debt which only blood repays.
But can it be you love us as they told us?
And is forgiveness offered free and clear?
With sorrow for our suffering you behold us?
And is each single one your child most dear?
To turn from you were lifelong lonely grief.
I do believe; help you my unbelief.
-HJ Aug. 7, 2010