Saturday, March 27, 2010

5 a.m. revival

When I endure a poverty of spirit
Wilt Thou surely pour out on me
That promised abundance, that shower of blessing
Thou spakest of on the mount.
When I hunger and thirst so my soul is parched
And I find no sustenance here
Wilt Thou take my hand and lead me on
To Thy great and endless fount
Where the healing waters flow ever on,
Thou soul satisfier, Thou faithful friend,
Thou redeemer of the lost and sorrowing,
Thou blesser beyond all count.
Then one more boon I ask of Thee, Lord,
For it is Thy nature to give:
On the ones I love, in their time of need,
Pour that same abundant amount.

-HJ 5am, Mar. 27, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

I want to be more like Jesus
but most of the time I'm not.
If life is a web of temptations
then most of the time I'm caught.
Held by sticky strings of self love,
entangled by stubborn pride,
and I cannot escape to find freedom
as long as I keep myself tied.
I want to be more like Jesus
but that would mean letting go,
admitting my needs and addictions
I hesitate to show.
Oh, to be kinder and gentler,
more able to see others' needs.
Oh, to be able to see beyond self,
to be wise and to let love lead.
I want to be more like Jesus
and walk as He said to walk,
but find I would much rather sit here
and enjoy a comfortable talk.
But that's not the life I am called to,
or rather, it's only a part.
So, oh, to have more faith and courage,
and, oh, to have Jesus's heart.
-HJ 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

I have felt the cold that burns I have seen the light that blinds
I have known the truth of wisdom I could never understand
To be in a world of beauty surrounded by a sea of pain
To have felt the deepest sadness and one day found joy again
All the signs speak of a mystery, of the paradox of life
Pointing to a deeper meaning than appears to our first sight
Time and chance will touch each one of us as we go on our way
Yet all things happen for a reason and we will be satisfied one day.
-HJ 2009

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fill us
with Your Spirit.
Speak Your Word;
help us hear It.

Plant Your seed
deep within us.
By Your love
do You win us.
By our fruits
will they know us;
may we pass on
the love You show us.
-HJ March 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Red Bird Dream

Red Bird Dream
I was walking in the pasture
in the clearing of the pasture
oak trees all around the clearing
on a small shrub of the hawthorn
many small birds perched in silence
and in silence fluttered upwards
and began to fly away
One a red bird separated
from the flock of many small birds
separated in its beauty
brilliant red with touch of black
fluttered nearer hovered over me
in its brilliance and its redness
and a small hope was born in me
and I lifted up my arm
and I lifted up my finger
as the bird descended to me
and it landed on my hand
the beauty became weight
and the weight of it did frighten
so my eyes closed as it landed
so beautiful so heavy
on my lifted awkward hand
I knew that I must see it
while I had such beauty near me
but afraid of claw and beak
I hesitated in my dark
The hope of seeing beauty
and the knowledge of its beauty
touched me and convinced me
and I opened then my eyes

-Mar. 3, 2010