Friday, January 14, 2011

because You have too much face
and we have not enough eye
but welcoming all guesses
as long as it is a best try
because there is no Where to go
that You don't already hold in Your hand
because You are always with us
though You don't always do what we planned
bringing us stories like coins of gold
not for burying, but for giving away
by our tongues. But You call Yourself
Love, Bread, Peace, Life, Truth, Way.
-HJ Jan/2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

When the day has come
And the hour, of the King's returning,
When the trumpets are blaring and calling
And the glory is blazing and burning
I will scramble for a back seat
While others are pushing past me
On their way to get a bit closer
For I fear the King's splendour may blast me.
I will seek a more distant view
And hope to look on from afar
For fear of being blinded
By the pure holy Morning Star.
For when holiness stands before mortals
We will covet vast eternity's hall
For to sing all the King of King's praises
All creation, All time, are too small.
-HJ Jan 2, 2011