Saturday, May 31, 2014

God loves past logic and past deserving
with a love that's constant, pure, unswerving.
God sees us truly and suffers fools gladly,
full of mercy when we go badly.
God loves us like a mother a child:
I looked for judgment and God just smiled,
and called me back through dark and cloud.
God loves past silence, but not always out loud.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A bit of fluff.

Oh I have tried Cinderella's shoe,
the pretty thing, and it fit me, too,
but the thought of wearing it all my life,
of gowns, and being the prince's wife,
awoke in me a wild sweet dream
of throwing off appear and seem
and being real, being only me
and running or resting where I want to be.
So I dance alone or with whom I choose
and don't have to worry abut breakable shoes
and wear old jeans and don't comb my hair
and I see the palace, but I don't go there.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

New rhubarb leaf

I am not only thankful that I can kneel to soil,
put in my hand to abundant land;
seed planted water poured abundantly will bring reward
in flower, fruit, pod and root.
Put in my sweat and greatly get.
Soft muscle ache, good sleep, good wake.
Put in my worries over frost, plants lost to beetles, worms and moths.
Put in the time that others choose to spend on city street and lose
the feel of sun and soil and wind and hope shaped like the seeds put in.
I am not only thankful that I still can walk, and plant and till,
for it is known that day will come when I cannot, and must sit still.
I am not only thankful for these garden blessings on my knees.
But also for the joy I feel when in this holy ground I kneel.