Thursday, November 26, 2009


For the first ten thousand years will be wiping of the tears:
all tears since time began. Each woman, child and man
will bring their liquid pain, grieving wounded, lost and slain,
days of mourning, nights of sighs, trembling moans and wailing cries.
How vast the sum of misery, approaching near infinity.

And the One Almighty Power (who has known the suffering hour)
will take us each aside and will wipe each tear we've cried.
Aching memories will be healed, perfect reasons be revealed.
For the Saviour will console until each broken heart is whole.
Then forever we will tell how the Lord has made us well.
(Surely ten ten thousand years! Lord, for there are many tears.)
HJ Nov 2009
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We all know the troubled child
whose life is dark, whose way is hard,
who seems alone when in a crowd,
the lonely one and wandering.
We often pass the troubled child
who asks for change with outstretched hand.
And who can bring the change they need,
the troubled ones, the broken?
We all have been the troubled child,
known times when help and hope have fled,
but have recovered, found our path,
can walk on without faltering.
Have mercy on the troubled child:
she is yourself, from heaven's eye,
a picture of what heaven sees
in each of us. Bless such as these.
HJ Nov 2009
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