Saturday, January 24, 2015

Look AT the clouds
Look AT the treetops
Look AT the snow covered broad flat fields
And see the beauty, constant, unnoticed
As you pass on your spinning wheels.
The world is here with signs and wonders.
Look AT it, see how looking feels.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Manitoba Winter Love
My dear friend winter comes to me and says woooo woooo woooo.
Calm down I say with a welcoming smile, putting poplar firewood on.
But winter moans and mopes all around my house; I calmly sit and read.
I know she'll stay for a while, and that's cool, I'm used to her restless ways.
I love her voice as she sings all night when the stars are crisp and clear,
And I put on more wood and listen to her; woooo woooo in a long lament.
Then comes a night when she shakes my door with her fury, and the windows rattle.
But I, I don't take it personally, just enjoy her passionate storming,
And know that soon I will miss her and wish I had listened more when she sang.

If it wasn't for flash
Of sun on wing feather
I wouldn't have seen that bird.
I wouldn't have thought
It even existed;
Not a sound to be heard.
The snowy woods round me,
So silent and white,
Seem empty. I walk alone.
How many birds
Wing silently past
Unseen by the seeker, unknown.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Early January

Christmas is about death
and how we want it gone.

Christmas is about beautiful things
we want, and hold to ourselves,
and then we pass them on.

Christmas is about sparkle and warmth
and a whispery wing of a dove;
Christmas is meeting with God
and to our surprise, God is love.