Friday, November 27, 2015

Sometimes I have the sense to keep still.
I find myself wanting to answer,
but stay in the silence of listening.
Her pain is too large to console,
so I stay by her side and attend.
No words can make this better.
And later alone
with my pain
in the dark
I wonder
Does God sometimes have the sense to keep still?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Stones Stay

Stones stay.
Trees fall,
Winds blow away.
Rocks remain, stones stay.
Friends fade, faces vanish,
All white turns to grey.
All black turns its back,
But stones stay.
My words will disappear,
Every word that you say,
All we remember is doomed to disintegrate.
Stones stay.
Stars fall,
Moons roll away.
My heart, turned to stone, may stay.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

What I Took

Ah, yesterday I took I took a lovely soaking bath,
a walk, a look, a breath,
a glass of wine, a needed break,
a book from off a shelf;
a picture, time to smell a rose,
a hike, a moment, a nap.
At night I took me to my bed to rest from all the taking,
to ready me to take on life again upon awaking.

A Walk in Fall

And shall I die
And leave this world?
And pass away?
(I walk on leaves,
The woods pass by)
And shall I pass
From here to where?
(Leaves fall from trees
That used to wear
Green garments now discarded)
And shall I someday see?
This world and I have parted.