Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Luke 16:19-31

You have been warned. Word has been sent.
Beware, take to heart what the message meant.

Long, long have prophets foretold of this:
in helping the poor do not be remiss.
Do not dress yourself richly and overeat
while right before you stands one in need,
in rags and hungry. Do not turn away
and leave him consoled by one tail-wagging stray.
Do not harden your heart, saying, "I am just one,
there is so much need; what can be done?"
saying, "Go get a job - you look like you're able,"
deny him spare change and spare crumbs from your table.

There once was a rich man who died and looked back
in regret of his greedy and self-centered track.
His late-caring heart made of God one request,
saw his rich brothers' need, could now see what they missed.
He asked that his brothers receive special word,
a sign they would notice, which could not be misheard.
And God, his ears full from the cries of the living,
even heard the dead rich man, and could not keep from giving:
"They'll listen to one who came back from the dead."
The word has been sent. May it not be misread.
-HJ April 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Never again would he look the same,
or look in quite the same way again
at beggars or strangers called unclean,
at madmen. Or listen to visions they’d seen
in quite the same way. He’d listen with care;
you’d look in his eyes and see someone was there.
He sat on his throne but he leaned towards the crowd
come to see crowned again the head once sadly bowed.
How strange all the turns this man’s life had taken.
First king of vast empires, then suddenly shaken
with the palsy of poverty, mad as a hatter,
wandering aimlessly, spouting sad chatter.
And all shook their heads at the loss of a king
once so proud, now insane and suffering.
He came back to himself, in his right mind and clear,
when he raised his eyes up to find heaven near,
gave honour to God and praised his name.
And King Nebuchadnezzar was never the same.
-HJ Apr. 20, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

“Every time exhilarated Christians burst out with a new hymn of praise in words or in life, they participate in the songs of the 144,000 before the throne.” -Marva J. Dawn, Joy in Our Weakness

I’m one of those who stand around the throne
to sing a hymn of praise unto the Lamb.
I count among the dozen dozen thousand
who behold the worthy One who overcame.
We are the counted ones past human number
united in our worship of our God.
We bring the incense of our prayers for justice
and painful were the paths we each have trod.
Our voices join with multitudes of angels
to offer praise and honour, glory, power.
To the One who reigns we voice our songs for ever,
though still within the grip of earthy hour.
Then whether word or deed be my expression,
may praise be all my theme without cessation.
-HJ Apr. 11, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

may you be gifted to desire
to long for, to aspire
to feel the need for searching,
the need to hear an inner voice

may you find a grand fulfillment
reach a perfect knowing moment
be brought home in peace full satisfied
be contented and rejoice

-hj apr 4 2010