Thursday, June 2, 2011

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My faith is made of questioning.
My best beliefs outlast the doubts.
Knowing what I am unsure of
convinces me to seek truth out.
No pat answers and certain scenarios;
I hold eternity by a thread
knowing I have finite hands
with which to grapple mysteries.
And always inside me there is this feeling,
gained from reading the whole of the Book, repeatedly:
Mercy trumps Justice,
while both will be fully manifest,
and Love is the final answer.
It is with gratitude,
Through mist and uncertainty,
I worship, and hope to serve in response.
-HJ, June 2, 2011

You will not always lift me up and remove me from deep waters.
Though overwhelmed by sorrow and pain, I am still a beloved daughter.
And I may stand in riverbed sand with the surface high above me,
but not alone, for You have made known You are with me and always love me.
And as the disciples left that place from which their Lord ascended
they did not receive a life of ease, with all their troubles ended,
but they were given the promised gift of the Spirit Who comes in power
to comfort us, to be with us until our final hour.
Until we pass beyond hours and time, into a world made new,
we must remain in this world receiving and giving strength from You.
Then may we be blessed by the knowledge of Your comforting presence near us,
and may we share the Love you bear, and the love with which You hear us.
-HJ, June 2011
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