Saturday, February 28, 2015

Three thoughts

I'm a weird bird with no pretty plumage
and hard to love
But you do. 
And every time you say I love you
I'm surprised anew.
Why is it so hard to believe
We are loved?

In my believing moments
I want to tell my children
God is like a mother.
Because love I have learned.
Love surpasses.
But I am a child
with fears inside,
and many moments
when I hide.
The heart is small,
with achy bits,
but the heart has power
that goes beyond
the fear and pain,
and always returns
to Love again.

What's the point in walking around
Keeping in shape
Taking care of myself 
-I'll do it for the ones I love!
But you will lose them
-I'll never forget how I loved them!
But you may grow old and forget.
-But this one thing will be true forever:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I am confused
But it's holy confusion
Because I am trying to find in it God.
I see that letting go
may send me spinning but
That's where the leading has led.
If I say I can't say
If I know I can't know more
Than a child who knew mother,
A mother who loved children more
Than the deepest sea farthest world highest of mountains?
I cling to the hope of love,
Let go of me.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Old Woman's Thoughts on Valentine's Day
To my ex young man,
Young lover from the past
When we were smiles
And our hearts beat fast
From what we felt:
Now we're slowing down
And it's stairs make us pant
More than sexy nightgown.
What I want to say,
It's what it always was:
Only, the decades passing
Multiply the buzz;
Though mirrors surprise
Us with aging parts,
The years touched, but increased
The love that fills out hearts.