Friday, April 3, 2015

Thoughts on Good Friday 4 a.m.

Impossible task:
Love each other
Is all he asked.
And what did he say?
Let forgiveness be your way?
But what if I'm wronged?!
What if I'm hurt,
And can't get along
With the one next door?
Unlikable chore.
Be kind in response
To enemies' taunts
Or attacks or demands.
Give with both hands,
As I have received forgiveness,
And been well blessed.
Do not put your life ahead of another.
Worrisome bother.
And when there is need
Be willing to die.
I doubt I will try.
Knowing my weakness,
My selfishness, pride.
Something will need to change
Deep inside.
Something like love.
Radical move.
Opening heart and mind and strength
To the depth and the width and the length
Of a love so complete it can answer all doubt,
All pain, all the sorrow this world is about.
Oh glorious goal.
Seek the way of love
And be still, my soul.