Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sunday morning

Prayer is a problem when pain abounds.
Eyes closed
I pondered the terrible face of fear.
My heart rose up, cried out,
"Send me..."
And I stopped.
Send me what?
Help? Strength? Peace?
I saw my need,
But not the answer.
I rested there in the not knowing,
But knowing I was known.

One of the hymns that was sung at my church shortly after the prayer time when I wrestled thus, had a line that captured my imagination: "Mighty victim from the sky", from At The Lamb's High Feast (Unknown author, probably 6th Century (Ad regias Agni dapes); translated from Latin to English by Robert Campbell, 1849). The phrase "mighty victim" is fantastic, taking your mind in a strange new direction. "Mighty Victim From the Sky" sounds like the title of a work of science fiction, a super hero.
Who has the super strength required for victimhood? Who would want it? Upside down thinking, like Christ's.

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