Sunday, February 3, 2013

(Walking one day in the woods, I saw this partially melted tunnel of a mouse or a vole, in an intriguing shape.)
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Jan. 19- I remembered this strange experience that happened to me about ten years ago, as I was swimming in the local public pool. I have never forgotten it:

God created one day
a question;
as I swam alone, afloat on my back,
all the sky before my face.
The broad bright blue held a single cloud
in the shape of a perfect question mark,
complete with cloud dot at the bottom.
Somewhat surprised,
I gave myself up to the question,
and fully took it in.
Beyond the knowledge in my mind
went the question,
and multiplied itself in honesty,
becoming all the unknown,
and even whether it could BE known.
I let myself sink in that water,
turned over, swam a while underwater
before turning again to the sky.

God created again that day,
an answer.
Right above my upturned face,
an exclamation mark proclaimed,
complete with cloud dot at the bottom.
Amazed and surprised I accepted
the assertion, the confirming yes.
Not astonished to sink like a stone,
but receptive to what I was given:
a definitely existing question, then
an answer that said I AM.

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