Thursday, January 22, 2015

Manitoba Winter Love
My dear friend winter comes to me and says woooo woooo woooo.
Calm down I say with a welcoming smile, putting poplar firewood on.
But winter moans and mopes all around my house; I calmly sit and read.
I know she'll stay for a while, and that's cool, I'm used to her restless ways.
I love her voice as she sings all night when the stars are crisp and clear,
And I put on more wood and listen to her; woooo woooo in a long lament.
Then comes a night when she shakes my door with her fury, and the windows rattle.
But I, I don't take it personally, just enjoy her passionate storming,
And know that soon I will miss her and wish I had listened more when she sang.

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