Tuesday, July 8, 2014

She is four years old and she runs with her elbows.
Doesn't like stones in her sandals.
Loves to make friends, give hugs, get kisses.
The world is her friend and there's so much to learn.
Falls down but gets up again, says "I'm okay!"
And runs with her elbows to welcome the day.


  1. That is very touching.

    I can see the surface water in your photo. Are you being badly affected by the floods in Manitoba?

  2. We are not as badly affected as those near the Assiniboine River facing flooded farmland and farms and homes. Ours is more of a problem of too wet fields, with some hay cut two weeks ago lying on the spongy wet surface and rotted to the point of worthlessness, but still requiring the time and expense of baling and hauling off the fields. The rest of the hay is rapidly passing the prime maturity stage, and IF the fields dry enough to allow machinery to cut it, will be of a lesser quality, or worse. Depressing, financially worrying, and yet we continue to farm...

  3. I really feel for you, having seen the devastation caused here in the UK by too much rain, both in the past winter and in a couple of truly dreadful summers over the past few years. Hope things improve soon for you.

  4. Thanks, Perpetua. There is always hope.