Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oct 2, 2013 5:45-6:00 am, after a dream of oppression from confining and restricting societal laws, and anger, and gang danger, including a poem duel and then I woke up with the first two lines, having seen a knife drawn. (Even in my dream I was struck by the novelty of a poem fight, hoping I had a good sonnet or two in my holster. But after the unfair introduction of a knife, oh well!)

Are you afraid of life?
Is your head still ringing from the last blow dealt?
And have you seen his blade?
Have you seen the blood where the last one knelt?
And does your pulse pound out,
does your breath come gasping and your sight grow dim?
Does the dizziness and the nausea come
at the knowing you have no chance against him?
Will you stand up tall?
Will your quaking legs hold you up through it all?
Or will fear of pain
Lay you down with a whimper and a sob as you fall?


  1. Wow, a poem fight. That sounds like it might pass as Mennonite pacifism. Just the poems though. :-)
    Amazing poetry as always.

    1. Thanks, E!
      And a few days later, I read this headline, from a link on Facebook:
      "Peru makes book writing a spectator sport"!